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Button Badge FAQs

23 Oct 2020

For any queries, our expert advisers are available to help by email or telephone.

Here are the answers to some of the commonly asked questions about Button Badges: 

Q. Do you really make all your button badges?

A. Yes – we are a UK manufacture of button badges, and make millions of them every year in our premises here in Ipswich. We’ve been making printing and making button badges here since 2001.

Q. How quickly can you supply button badges?

A. Very quickly. If you have a deadline that is faster than our standard 2 week or express 1 week options, contact us with your deadline and we may well be able to help.

Q. What attachment types are available?

A. Most button badges feature a safety pin. The smallest size, 25mm, comes with a wire d-pin instead. But we also have a range of other options. A chunky kidsafe clip is available for a 38mm size button badge, and we also supply buttons fitted with keyring, magnet or mirror back options.

Q. How many colours can I use?

A. Use as many colours as you like because a full colour print is included for all button badges.

Q. What designs work well for button badges?

A. There are no exact rules to successful design – often simple blocky designs work very well, but equally so too do photographs. Either way, the main thing is to consider the size of the final product and how your design will look once scaled down to that size.

Q. How small can text be on the badges?

A. The smallest size will depend on the font being used. A simple and blocky font will be readable at a smaller size than a more complicated font. But also it is worth thinking about readability of writing in a broader way – from what distance and how easily do you need the writing to be read?

Q. What size is best for my design?

A. The optimum size depends on both the nature of your design and also the purpose of your badges. Often the smaller sizes of button badge are considered slightly more wearable as fashion items, and the larger sizes are better for specific messaging.

Q. How many different designs can I include in my order?

A. You can include up to 5 different designs in any button badge order with no extra cost. If you would like more than 5 design included, the extra cost is only £2.50 per additional design. Speak to our advisers by email or phone to help you.

Q. Can you pantone colour match print colours?

A. The print for all our button badges is a full colour CMYK print, which means that the colours are not pantone colour matched. However, if you let us know a pantone colour we can advise the best CMYK approximation possible. We can also supply pre-production samples for your review so that you can be happy with the colour of your badges before your order is completed.