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Made from neoprene material, can and bottle coolers and a great summer promotional item.

Neoprene Can Cooler - Collapsible

Made with neoprene, these collapsible can coolers keep a standard-sized can at a cool temperature whilst displaying your design.
  • from £0.63 Inc. VAT

Neoprene Can Cooler - Solid Base

A can cooler which will fit a standard-sized can, featuring a solid base to keep cans upright and protected. Made with 5mm-thick neoprene.
  • from £1.13 Inc. VAT

Neoprene Bottle Cooler

Keep your bottles cold with these handy neoprene bottle coolers, whilst displaying your design at the same time. Suitable for a mini 330ml wine bottle - contact us for other options.
  • from £1.26 Inc. VAT