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Badges, pins, patches and more for your club.

Embroidered Badges

Embroidered badges are made by stitching the design onto the base cloth and so they have a textured and raised feel. Generally, embroidered badges have an overlocked edge, although they can be heat cut to any shape.
  • from £0.22 Inc. VAT

Stamped Metal No Colour Badges

An excellent choice when colour is not required, die struck metal relief badges look superb and are perfect for the high quality reproduction of corporate logos.
  • from £0.32 Inc. VAT

Soft Enamel Badges

Offering excellent quality, soft enamel badges are the cost effective option for promotional, corporate, club and educational requirements. Our prices include an epoxy resin coating, protecting the badges and giving a smooth lustrous finish.
  • from £0.37 Inc. VAT

Premium Soft Enamel Badges

Premium soft enamel badges are stamped from a base metal of copper or brass, and then finished using one of a wide choice of metal platings for a varied and memorable effect. The surface metal is highly polished for a truly high quality finish.
  • from £0.43 Inc. VAT

Hard Enamel Badges

Our hard enamel badges offer a superb surface finish, but do not have the colour limitations of traditional hard enamel. Shiny and colourful, these badges have a smooth polished surface. Colours can be Pantone matched.
  • from £0.51 Inc. VAT

Flat Name Badges

Our standard and most popular name badge product - supplied in a rectangle shape and printed in as many colours as you would like with a high quality flat finish.
  • from £3.49 Inc. VAT