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Do you really make all your button badges yourselves?

20 Jun 2018

Yes, pretty much every button badge is made by us!

If you ask us to make a million badges for you by next Friday then we might call for some backup, but apart from real extremes every single button badge we supply is made with love and care by our hard working badge makers here in our premises in Ipswich, Suffolk.

Button Badges

This gives us big advantages when it comes to completing your orders. We can be very fast and very responsive to your deadlines. We can monitor the quality of the badges as they are being made. In this way we can make absolutely sure that you will be pleased with your badges, and that you will receive your order in the time that we promised.

Just to prove it, here is a photo of a few of our wonderful badge makers ready to make those badges for you!.

Happy Button Badge Makers