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What types of border can embroidered or woven badges have?

28 Nov 2016

We offer two types of border for embroidered and woven badges.

The most common choice is an overlocked border (also known as a merrow border). With this border type overlocking stitches are used to seal the edges of the badge. The border stitching wraps right around the edges of the badge.

Overlocked Border

Alternatively we can supply badges with a heat cut border. In this case the edge is cut by laser heat. This allows for very intricate shapes to be cut, and for a much thinner border space.

Heat Cut Border

Our usual advice is to use a heat cut border for a badge with a complicated shape, but the border requirement depends on the exact precision that is needed for the outline shape. Many custom shapes can still accommodate an overlocked border, but the outline will be smoothed by the overlocking edge, and therefore less exact than with a heat cut border.

The most common border choice is the overlocked border, because it gives the effect of a superbly finished badge, and also makes the final item a little weightier in feel. Usually a heat cut border is only advised for a complicated shape.