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Name Badges are the ultimate personalised identification tool.

Circular Button Name Badges

These Circular Button Name Badges are an excellent choice for your needs, providing creative freedom for your brand or organisation.
  • from £1.50 Inc. VAT

Rectangular Button Name Badge

Opt for these practical and functional 70 x 45mm Rectangular Button Name Badges for an easy and cost effective solution for your brand or organisation.
  • from £1.50 Inc. VAT

Photo ID Cards

Sized at 85 x 55mm, these printed ID cards are printed in full colour with the unique details you need. The print can be either one side or both sides, and the cards can be supplied with cardholders and lanyards if required.
  • from £2.70 Inc. VAT

Flat Name Badges

Our standard and most popular name badge product - supplied in a rectangle shape and printed in as many colours as you would like with a high quality flat finish.
  • from £3.49 Inc. VAT

Oval Name Badges

Our oval name badges make a change to normal rectangles. The size is fixed at 70mm x 40mm, and can be supplied in any colour you require including brushed silver or brushed gold.
  • from £4.09 Inc. VAT

Domed Name Badges

For a superb finish these name badges have a dome finish added. The dome is a resin which is added to the badges to give a superior effect.
  • from £4.44 Inc. VAT