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5 merchandise ideas for your charity campaign

07 Mar 2019

If you have a budget for merchandise for your charity campaign, it may be difficult to know how to get the most out of it. Whilst navigating a sea of websites offering hundreds of different products at varying price points, you may miss out on options which would have been perfect for your campaign. However, if you know what to look for, it makes the job much easier!

At Best Badges, we understand how confusing designing merchandise may seem. That’s why we’ve made our buying process really simple. Just select your product, email us your design and we’ll send you a free-of-charge proof before printing. We don’t charge for artwork help, so if you need a little more help with designing your merchandise, just give us a call or email and we would be happy to assist you.

If you need some inspiration for your charity merchandise, read ahead for five effective ideas.

1. Charity button badges

Charity Button Badges

Custom button badges are an easy and cost effective way to get your message out to the public. Badges can be worn in pride of place on a jacket lapel, bag, scarf or any other material, making it easy for people to notice your cause.

Button badges come in a range of sizes and shapes. Whether you have a small logo which will fit perfectly on a round 25mm badge, or a more complex design which requires more space and a different shape, badges are ideal as charity merchandise.

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2. Charity fridge magnets

Charity Fridge Magnet

With a fridge magnet, your important cause can be seen at every meal time. Often, the kitchen is seen as the heart of the home, so your magnet will likely see a lot of traffic. And it’s not just households - remember that fridges are present in many workplaces, too. Providing businesses with your magnets can dramatically increase the amount of people who notice your charity.

As many people will already have magnets on their fridges, it’s important to make yours stand out. Use an eye-catching design to get noticed, whether that’s using bright colours or a bold, persuasive message. Like badges, fridge magnets are available in a range of sizes and shapes, but you can also play around with materials. For example, we offer standard badges as well as acrylic and soft PVC options.

Shop our fridge magnets here.

3. Charity keyrings

Charity Keyring

Most people keep their keys with them when they’re out and about, so this is a good chance to capitalise on the amount of places your message could be seen. People often keep keyrings and attach them to their keys if the keyring features an attractive design or supports a cause. Therefore, you’ll want to take advantage of the creative options available to make sure that your charity’s logo or message is portrayed in the most interesting and memorable way.

Our soft PVC keyrings can be cut to a shape of your preference, and include raised and recessed designs which you can highlight with different colours, as featured in the above image. We also offer enamelled keyrings which show off your design with a high shine finish to make it really noticeable. Alternatively, we have many different styles of acrylic and button keyrings, which combine cost effectiveness with high quality design.

Shop our keyrings here.

4. Charity wristbands

Charity Wristband

Silicone wristbands are regularly used by charities to promote a good cause. They’re simple to design, shareable on social media, and trendy amongst younger age groups. Many charities place a kiosk of wristbands on shop counters, which is a successful method of collecting donations.

As mentioned, wristbands are simple, yet effective. You may have seen Livestrong’s popular silicone wristband, which features their iconic bright yellow colouring and their logo recessed into the material - nothing more. With wristbands, it seems to be that the simpler the design, the more ‘wearable’ it becomes.

We offer debossed and printed silicone wristbands. Our debossed option can be produced with a coloured infill or a plain infill, while our printed wristbands can feature up to three colour combinations printed onto the band.

Shop our wristbands here.

5. Charity cufflinks

Enamelled Cufflinks

For a special event such as a gala or dinner, or for significant donors, consider creating cufflinks complete with your charity logo. Cufflinks are a practical product for supporters, while also being an effective way to spread a message, as the embellished area of a cufflink is always facing outward when worn.

With our enamelled cufflinks, you can choose from a range of shapes including round, square and oval. All are finished with a high quality, shiny enamel, bringing your charity logo or message to life.

Shop our enamelled cufflinks here.

In conclusion

Whatever kind of product you choose for your charity merchandise, we wish you success with your campaign. Please consider Best Badges for our huge range of customisation options, simple design process and friendly customer service. We’re very excited to help make your campaign plans a reality.