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What types of pin can I have on the back of enamel badges?

29 Aug 2018

Our lapel badges can be fitted with a wide range of attachments. Creating a cufflink or a tie-pin can be as simple as making a badge and changing the attachment that is fitted to the reverse.

1) Butterfly Clutch (metal or rubber clutch)

The butterfly clutch and post fitting is the most popular choice for our enamelled and printed lapel badges. The clutch piece is separate piece of metal with two 'butterfly wings' that release the badge when pinched together.

The clutch piece can be either metal or rubber. If metal, it can be either gold or silver and will be matched to the plating of your badges. The rubber version of the clutch is available in either black or yellow according to your preference.

Butterfly Clutch Pin Black Rubber Clutch

2) Brooch Pin

The brooch pin fitting is often favoured for a slightly larger badge, because it secures the badge by two points rather than the single point of the butterfly clutch pin. For a smaller badge the brooch pin fitting can become slightly fiddly to use, so we would usually recommend the clutch pin instead.

It also has the additional advantage of not having a removable piece that can be mislaid.

Brooch Safety Pin

3) Stick Pin

Using a stick pin attachment for your enamelled emblem can create a simple jewellery item. The stick and cover fitting is suitable for ties, cravats and lapels.

Stick Pin Fitting

4) Magnet Fitting

If you are concerned about piercing your garments, the magnet fitting offers an excellent solution. For smaller badges we offer circular magnets, and for larger badges bar magnets.

Magnet Fitting

5) Cufflink

Turn your badges into cufflinks by changing the badge fixings for cufflink fittings. Remember to order them in pairs!

For premium presentation, cufflinks can be supplied in special cufflink presentation cases.

Cufflink Fitting

6) Tie-Pin

A tie-pin attachment added to a custom enamelled emblem lends itself perfectly to use as an executive gift or a club keepsake.

The sprung clip attachment offers a strong hold to the tie without piercing or damaging.

Tie Pin Fitting